Mark Fields to visit AABS

Mark Fields will be styling a Rocky Mountain Juniper, Juniperus scopulorum, including demonstrating deadwood techniques at our next Ann Arbor Bonsai Society meeting, Wednesday, August 22, from 6:30-9:00 at the Matthaei Botanical Gardens. Mark is the proprietor of Bonsai by Fields in Greenwood, IN. He has studied with a number of bonsai masters in Europe, Japan, and the U.S. On Thursday, August 23, Mark will do a workshop featuring Sekka Dwarf Hinoki Cypress, Itoigawa juniper and Kishu juniper. These are cultivars with very compact foliage, and will be styled into a shohin size bonsai. This workshop is suitable for beginning or experienced bonsai growers. Cost is $100.00 per person, and is limited to 10 participants. An indication of which tree you would like to style is helpful but not required.