July 2014 Monthly Meeting
Bring your bonsai to this meeting for design and horticultural suggestions. Wednesday, July 23, 2014 Drop by at 6:30 PM to talk bonsai Meeting begins at 7 PM The evening program begins 7:15'ish PM A three member panel of bonsai artist from the AABS will discuss care and design options f... Read More
Ann Arbor Bonsai Society
- Established in 1970 -
Ann Arbor Bonsai Society - 1800 North Dixboro Rd., Ann Arbor MI 48105-9741
The Ann Arbor Bonsai Society is affiliated with the American Bonsai Society and the Mid-American Bonsai Alliance. Copyright, 2013, Ann Arbor Bonsai Society
"...to promote knowledge, appreciation, and practice of the art of bonsai to its members and to the general public through meetings, lectures, workshops, exhibitions, publications or other means."
- AABS Mission
All meetings of the AABS are at Matthaei Bontanical Gardens unless otherwise noted.